In a surprising turn of events, the record for the most expensive penthouse in Dubai has been shattered once again, and the property in question hasn’t even materialized yet. The latest record-holder is a sprawling 22,000-square-foot unit poised atop Como Residences, a 71-story tower currently in the throes of development. This sky-bound residence fetched a staggering $136 million (500 million UAE dirhams), eclipsing its predecessor by $21 million. The buyer, although undisclosed, is hinted to be of Eastern European origin.

Towering Ambitions: Como Residences Soars Above Palm Jumeirah

Como Residences is set to soar to a height of 984 feet above Palm Jumeirah, the enchanting artificial archipelago that serves as its foundation. The building offers a range of two to seven bedroom units, starting at a modest $5.7 million.

However, the jewel in its crown is the monumental penthouse, boasting five bedrooms, a 260-degree sky pool, and breathtaking vistas of Dubai’s iconic landmarks, including the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and Dubai Marina.

Residents will enjoy exclusive amenities such as a private beach, an 82-foot lap pool, and an infinity pool. Anticipation surrounds the tower’s completion, which is slated for 2027.

Off the Blueprint: The Rise of “Off Plan” Transactions

The most expensive penthouse in Dubai epitomizes the trend of “off-plan” transactions, a notable shift in the real estate landscape. This term refers to the sale of units in buildings still under construction, a phenomenon gaining popularity in Dubai.

Daniel Hadi, CEO of Engel & Völkers in Dubai, sheds light on this shift, stating, “The recent years have witnessed a lack of stock of ready-to-move-in premium properties in Dubai, driving both investors and end users towards off-plan options.”

A Paradigm Shift in Real Estate Dynamics

The scarcity of ready-to-move-in premium properties in Dubai has fueled the surge in off-plan developments. Developers are responding by enhancing the quality, design, and range of amenities, giving rise to these überluxury properties not readily available in the existing market.

Daniel Hadi further emphasizes, “The current market scenario suggests that off-plan developments are the way forward for discerning buyers aiming to acquire truly exceptional and unique properties.”

Flexible Plans: The Allure of Off-Plan Investments

To entice buyers, major developers in the luxury sector are offering flexible payment plans linked to construction milestones. These plans alleviate the burden of hefty upfront payments, allowing buyers to align with their financial goals. Daniel Hadi explains, “These plans are typically linked to the construction milestones, enabling buyers to avoid the burden of heavy upfront payments while aligning with their financial goals.”


In the ever-evolving landscape of Dubai’s real estate, Como Residences stands as a testament to luxury and innovation. The sale of the most expensive penthouse, still in the blueprint phase, underscores the city’s demand for high-end real estate and the paradigm shift towards off-plan transactions.

As developers continue to redefine luxury living, discerning buyers find solace in acquiring exceptional properties through flexible payment plans.

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Why are off-plan transactions gaining popularity in Dubai?

Off-plan transactions are on the rise in Dubai due to a scarcity of ready-to-move-in premium properties, driving both investors and end-users toward these options. Developers are elevating standards to meet the demand for high-end real estate, offering unique properties not readily available in the existing market.

What sets Como Residences apart from other luxury developments?

Como Residences distinguishes itself with its record-breaking penthouse, innovative design, and exclusive amenities, including a 260-degree sky pool and panoramic views of Dubai’s iconic landmarks. The development aligns with the trend of off-plan transactions, providing buyers with exceptional properties.

How do flexible payment plans benefit buyers in off-plan developments?

Flexible payment plans in off-plan developments are linked to construction milestones, allowing buyers to avoid hefty upfront payments. This approach enables buyers to manage their finances more effectively while securing a stake in a luxury property.

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