A Fusion of Elegance and Engineering

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Binghatti Properties and Mercedes-Benz have joined forces to introduce a revolutionary project — Mercedes-Benz Places | Binghatti. This unique venture, born from a mutual dedication to iconic design and innovation, transcends the conventional boundaries of real estate and automotive excellence. As two industry giants converge, a new era of luxury living is set to unfold.

A Skyline Redefined: The Marvel of Mercedes-Benz Places in Dubai

Situated in the heart of Dubai’s bustling downtown, enveloped by renowned landmarks such as the Dubai Mall, and graced with panoramic views of the Burj Khalifa, the Mercedes-Benz Places in Dubai are poised to become an architectural masterpiece.

Soaring to an impressive height of 341 meters across 65 stories, this collaboration between Binghatti and Mercedes-Benz is set to redefine the skyline of Downtown Dubai.

Visionary Leadership: Muhammad BinGhatti’s Perspective

Muhammad BinGhatti, the visionary CEO of Binghatti, expresses profound excitement about this historic collaboration: “We are profoundly excited to be working alongside Mercedes-Benz—a truly iconic name—to develop the first Mercedes-Benz branded luxury residence in the world.

Mercedes-Benz Places in Dubai is not merely a real estate development; it will also place community and mobility at its core, setting a new benchmark for intelligent living.”

Designing Tomorrow: Mercedes-Benz Philosophy and Project Features

Over a year in the making, this project has been meticulously crafted with a customer-centered approach at its core. Drawing inspiration from Mercedes-Benz’s design philosophy of “Sensual Purity,” the architecture promises timeless and beautiful spaces, creating an oasis of serenity and purity.

Smart home technologies seamlessly integrated with intelligent mobility solutions aim to redefine comfort and convenience in modern living.

Britta Seeger, a member of the board of management at Mercedes-Benz Group AG, marketing and sales, states, “With Mercedes-Benz Places in Dubai, we are going beyond automotive to create outstanding brand moments. With their many years of experience in real estate development, Binghatti is the ideal partner for us. Our aim with our first branded, real estate residential tower is to create new, desirable grounds that inherit our brand’s DNA and give our customers a place to arrive, unwind, and come home to.”

The Grand Unveiling: Launch Event on Jan. 24

The collaborative journey of Binghatti and Mercedes-Benz is set to commence with a grand launch event in Dubai on Jan. 24. This event promises to reveal further details about the project, offering a glimpse into the innovation, luxury, and excellence that will define Mercedes-Benz Places in Dubai.


In conclusion, the announcement of the world’s first Mercedes-Benz branded luxury residence in Dubai marks a significant milestone in the realms of real estate and automotive collaboration. Binghatti and Mercedes-Benz’s partnership is set to create not just a residence but a symbol of excellence, innovation, and timeless luxury living.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will the launch event for Mercedes-Benz Places in Dubai take place?

The launch event for Mercedes-Benz Places in Dubai is scheduled for January 24th.

What is the height and story count of the Mercedes-Benz Places tower in Downtown Dubai?

The tower will rise to a towering height of 341 meters, spanning across an impressive 65 stories.

How does the design philosophy of Mercedes-Benz contribute to the architecture of the project?

Mercedes-Benz’s design philosophy of “Sensual Purity” is a driving force behind creating timeless and beautiful spaces, embodying serenity and purity in the heart of Dubai’s Downtown.

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