Dubai Real Estate Moguls Rizwan Sajan & Mohanad Al Wadiya: Social Media Mastery for Sales Boost

In the bustling landscape of Dubai’s real estate, two titans, Rizwan Sajan and Mohanad Al Wadiya, took the stage at the prestigious 1 Billion Followers Summit, held at the Museum of the Future and Emirates Towers in Dubai on January 10–11, 2024. Moderated by the esteemed property consultant and content creator, Mohamed Zidan, the duo shared insights on the pivotal role of social media in propelling their sales to unprecedented heights.

Becoming Your Own Brand Ambassador

The discussion, aptly titled “Become Your Own Brand Ambassador,” delved into the strategies employed by these industry leaders to harness the potential of social platforms. Sajan, the visionary founder of Danube Group, emphasized the multifaceted advantages of social media, stating, “Social media has definitely helped me and my company and has ensured maximum mileage. It gives anything and everything under one roof.”

Crafting a Unique Social Media Persona

Sajan, renowned for his Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook presence, revealed his secret sauce for winning followers. Beyond real estate, his content encompasses valuable life advice, humor, and motivation. “We tell people, ‘Habibi, come to Dubai!’” he enthused. Sajan’s approach goes beyond business, fostering a connection with the audience on a personal level.

The Multimedia Influence of Mohanad Al Wadiya

Mohanad Al Wadiya, the CEO at Harbor Real Estate and known as the “Wolf of Real Estate,” echoed the sentiment. Recounting his success as the highest-paid male influencer with a single post earning him 1.8 million dirhams in 2018, Al Wadiya stressed the need for a multimedia approach. “I am on television, radio, and digital channels,” he shared, emphasizing the evolving media consumption habits.

The Essence of Personal Branding

With changing media landscapes, Al Wadiya emphasized the importance of personal branding. “People love to connect not just with companies but with the people behind them. A brand personification that presents the brand values is vital,” he noted. Al Wadiya has successfully integrated himself across various platforms, creating a lasting impact.

Strategies for Maximum Impact

Ranked 12th among the ‘Top 100 Indian leaders in the UAE’ by Forbes Middle East, Sajan revealed a well-oiled content creation machinery behind his success. A dedicated team prepares diverse content, including 4-5 videos shot in less than two hours every week. “I encourage all my employees to be our brand ambassadors,” Sajan added, highlighting the collaborative approach.

Adding Glamour and Visibility

Sajan also underlined the significance of celebrity endorsements, bringing glamour and visibility to the group’s commercials. Both influencers stressed the need to ignore trolls and maintain consistency in content creation. Sajan’s advice for everyone was clear – “be on social media, post regularly, and get noticed or go viral.”

Tips for Brokers: Adding Value Creates Magic

Al Wadiya directed a piece of advice specifically to brokers. “Don’t be pushy or try to sell something; instead, focus on adding value, and it will create magic.” In an era where authenticity reigns supreme, the emphasis on creating value aligns with changing consumer preferences.

Conclusion: Social Media as the Ultimate Sales Catalyst

In conclusion, the insights shared by Rizwan Sajan and Mohanad Al Wadiya underscore the transformative power of social media in the real estate domain. From crafting a unique persona to embracing multimedia influence, their success stories serve as a beacon for others navigating the digital landscape.

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How often should one post on social media for optimal visibility?

Consistency is key. Post regularly to stay on the audience’s radar and increase the chances of going viral.

How do you handle trolls on social media?

Ignore them. Focus on your content and engagement with your audience, and the positive impact will outweigh the noise.

What is the role of personal branding in real estate on social media?

Personal branding is crucial. People connect with individuals behind the brand. A well-defined personal brand reflects the values of the business and creates a lasting impression.

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