Dubai, the epitome of opulence and extravagance in the real estate world, has outdone itself with the listing of a three-story super penthouse at Raffles the Palm Dubai Residences. Spanning over a staggering 77,000 square feet, this luxurious abode is making headlines with its jaw-dropping price tag of AED 600 million (US$164 million), making it the largest private residence in the history of the city.

Unveiling Unprecedented Luxury

The colossal penthouse, nestled on the iconic Palm Jumeirah, surpasses every expectation of grandeur. In a city known for pushing the boundaries of architectural magnificence, this residence takes the lead.

A press release from Emerald Palace Group, the proud owner of Raffles the Palm Dubai, proudly declares it to be the largest private residence ever built in Dubai, even eclipsing the size of the renowned White House in the United States.

A Grand Entrance: The First Glimpse

As the cornerstone of this architectural marvel, a private elevator gracefully transports guests and residents to the Grand Salon on the first level of the triplex. This opulent space boasts a generously sized sitting room, granting access to an expansive terrace with panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf and the glittering Dubai skyline.

Accompanying this is a dining area featuring a table fit for a royal banquet, capable of accommodating up to 20 guests, and a kitchen equipped with state-of-the-art Teppanyaki cooking surfaces.

Beyond Extravagance: Amenities Galore

The magnificence doesn’t stop at breathtaking views and spacious rooms. The residence is a haven of luxury, offering a private gym, a spa and wellness area featuring a cryogenic room for the ultimate rejuvenation, and a unique hay relaxation room designed to promote tranquility using freshly cut materials. Moreover, a cigar lounge and a bar with 360-degree views provide exclusive spaces for unwinding.

Outdoor Paradise: Beyond Four Walls

Stepping outside, residents are greeted with a paradise of leisure and entertainment. A bar and barbecue area, a mini-golf course set within a serene meditation garden, an indoor/outdoor cinema lounge, and a basketball court cater to every conceivable form of recreation. To accommodate the lavish lifestyle, the penthouse also boasts an impressive 10 parking spaces.

The Countdown Begins

Anticipation looms as the penthouse, a testament to Dubai’s commitment to excellence, is projected to be ready for occupancy approximately 15 months after the sales agreement is finalized.

This timeline aligns with Dubai’s booming luxury real estate market, which witnessed a stellar performance in 2023 and is poised for continued growth in the current year.

Seizing the Momentum

Seran Gheorghe, Vice President of Emerald Palace Group and Director of Sales for Raffles the Palm Dubai Residences, articulates the strategic significance of this extraordinary listing. “Our exceptional super-penthouse holds special significance, considering Dubai’s recent central positioning in the global real estate market and a growing demand for luxury properties by numerous ultra-high-net-worth individuals,” he asserts. “We firmly believe that the sale of this lavish residence would mark another significant milestone in the history of Dubai real estate.”


In the heart of Dubai’s real estate resurgence, the three-story super penthouse at Raffles the Palm Dubai Residences stands as a symbol of unrivaled luxury and sophistication. As the countdown begins for its completion, this architectural masterpiece is set to redefine opulent living in a city that continually pushes the boundaries of what is possible.

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When is the penthouse expected to be ready for occupancy?

The penthouse is anticipated to be ready for residents approximately 15 months after the sales agreement is finalized.

What sets this penthouse apart from other luxury residences in Dubai?

This penthouse claims the title of the largest private residence in Dubai’s real estate history, surpassing even the size of the White House.

How does the penthouse capitalize on Dubai’s real estate market trends?

The super penthouse aims to leverage Dubai’s explosive growth in luxury residential sales, catering to the increasing demand from ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

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