Unveiling Aeternitas: A Towering Marvel in Dubai’s Skyline

Dubai, a city known for pushing the boundaries of architectural grandeur, is poised to achieve yet another milestone with the introduction of its first residential clock tower. What makes this announcement even more remarkable is the revelation that the tower, named Aeternitas, will proudly hold the title of the tallest residential clock tower globally.

The collaborative effort between London Gate, a premier real estate developer in the UAE, and Franck Muller, the iconic Swiss luxury watch manufacturer, has set the stage for this unprecedented venture.

A Fusion of Luxury and Innovation: Franck Muller’s Debut in Real Estate

Franck Muller, a trailblazer in the horology industry for over three decades, has decided to expand its horizons by venturing into the world of real estate. The collaboration with London Gate marks the Swiss watchmaker’s inaugural foray into reality, bringing a unique blend of precision, luxury, and innovation to the Dubai skyline.

Towering Heights: London Gate’s Ambitious Project in Dubai Marina

London Gate’s much-anticipated development in Dubai Marina is not just an ordinary residential tower; it aspires to redefine luxury living. Standing tall at an impressive height of 450 meters, this project aims to secure its position as the tallest residential tower in the world.

What sets it apart is not only its height but also its distinction as the first branded residential tower, with Franck Muller’s name synonymous with unparalleled craftsmanship and opulence.

Eman Taha, CEO of London Gate, expressed the excitement surrounding this groundbreaking collaboration. After the success of previous projects like Maya V, Nadine I, and II, the partnership with Franck Muller is a testament to their commitment to crafting living spaces that mirror the essence and prestige of both brands. The tower, named Aeternitas after Franck Muller’s masterpiece watch, is poised to become a symbol of luxury living in Dubai.

Aeternitas: A Watchmaking Marvel Transcends to Real Estate

Franck Muller’s Aeternitas watch, renowned as the most complicated watch globally, serves as the inspiration for the residential tower. With an astonishing 36 complications and 1,483 components, Aeternitas is a symbol of precision and craftsmanship. Erol Baliyan, managing director of Franck Muller, expressed delight in bringing the heritage of brand excellence to the realm of real estate.

Aeternitas in Dubai is more than a residential tower; it’s a legacy, a record-breaking venture that marks the beginning of Franck Muller’s iconic presence in global real estate.

Countdown to Opulence: Aeternitas’ Grand Unveiling

The luxury residential project is slated for an official unveiling in January 2024, promising a living experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Prospective residents can anticipate the handover of their exclusive residences by 2026. As the clock ticks towards the grand revelation, Dubai’s skyline is poised to welcome a towering testament to luxury and innovation.

In Conclusion: Aeternitas Redefines Dubai’s Skyline

In conclusion, Aeternitas emerges not just as a residential tower but as a symbol of Dubai’s continuous pursuit of architectural excellence. The collaboration between London Gate and Franck Muller signifies a fusion of expertise, with each element meticulously crafted to redefine luxury living.

As Aeternitas prepares to etch its name in the record books, it stands as a testament to the vibrancy, luxury, and development that define Dubai’s identity.

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What is the significance of Aeternitas in the horology industry?

Aeternitas is Franck Muller’s masterpiece watch, celebrated as the most complicated watch globally, with 36 complications and 1,483 components. The residential tower takes inspiration from this iconic timepiece, symbolizing precision and craftsmanship in real estate.

When can prospective residents expect to move into Aeternitas?

The luxury residential project is scheduled for an official unveiling in January 2024, with handovers expected by 2026. This timeline ensures that residents can anticipate immersing themselves in the epitome of luxury living in the heart of Dubai.

How does the collaboration between London Gate and Franck Muller redefine luxury living?

The partnership between London Gate and Franck Muller goes beyond constructing a residential tower; it signifies a commitment to crafting living spaces that mirror the essence and prestige of both brands. Aeternitas, with its record-breaking height and Franck Muller’s influence, stands as a testament to this commitment to redefine luxury living in Dubai.

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